Postville Police Department

(Photo courtesy of the Postville Herald)

Postville Police Department consists of Police Chief - Matt Ellis, 3 full time officers -Will Schlueter, Sierra Fox and J.T. Cunningham, and K-9 Officer Xena.
Part-time Officers- Tim Ruroden, Jess Paul, and Robert Millin.

The Police Department is open during regular City Hall hours, and provides police services throughout the day. Depending on the day and needs of the community, police coverage may be assisted by Allamakee County Sheriff's Department.

All Emergencies, regardless of time of day, are to be called into 911. The City's 911 services are provided the Allamakee County Dispatcher Services. Citizens that need to contact the Postville Police for non-emergencies can call the office at(563)-864-3234 or stop in and visit during City Hall hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, M-F.


Chief Matt Ellis

Will Schlueter

Sierra Fox

JT Cunningham

K9 Officer Xena

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch: Bringing the City of Postville Together
The goal of the Postville Police Department is to serve and protect all the citizens of Postville. In times of need the community must come together to achieve a common goal. That is why the Postville Police Department will be initiating a Neighborhood Watch Program in the city of Postville. The goal of Neighborhood Watch is to strengthen the bonds among the community while making Postville a safer place to live. The purpose of Neighborhood Watch is to involve the community with the Postville Police Department and lower crime rates in addition to preventing future crimes from taking place. The objective is to open better communication line between the community members and the Postville Police Department. There will be an email specifically set up for the Neighborhood Watch program. The purpose of the email is so citizens can anonymously report crime or disturbances. Citizens are always welcome to call the police department or talk to officers personally, but the email allows citizens to communicate with police department if they wish remain anonymous. There will be an informational meeting in the beginning September. Please keep an eye out for the announcement of the date and time. Neighborhood Watch is a very successful program at bringing communities together and keeping crimes rates low.